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6 Bullets - 2012 6 Bullets (2012)
The greater the sinner, the greater the saint.
Rating: 6.2/10
Action, Crime, Thriller,
Jean-Claude Van Damme, Joe Flanigan, Anna-Louise Plowman, See full cast and crew,
The Divide - 2011 The Divide (2011)
The lucky ones died in the blast.
Rating: 5.9/10
Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller,
Lauren German, Michael Biehn, Milo Ventimiglia, See full cast and crew,
Twister - 1996 Twister (1996)
The Beautiful yet Destructive side to life
Rating: 6.1/10
Action, Adventure, Drama, Thriller,
Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton, Cary Elwes, See full cast and crew,
Hostel - 2005 Hostel (2005)
10,000 people are killed in America each year. Over 2,000 with firearms. Americans... they have no imagination...
Rating: 5.8/10
Horror, Thriller,
Jay Hernandez, Derek Richardson, Eythor Gudjonsson, See full cast and crew,
Flashpoint - 2008 Flashpoint (2008)
One moment changes everything.
Rating: 7.4/10
Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller,
Amy Jo Johnson, Hugh Dillon, David Paetkau, See full cast and crew,
Firewall - 2006 Firewall (2006)
Nothing Is More Dangerous Than A Man With Everything To Lose.
Rating: 5.7/10
Crime, Thriller,
Harrison Ford, Virginia Madsen, Paul Bettany, See full cast and crew,
Slaughter - 2009 Slaughter (2009)
Find a good hiding place.
Rating: 4.5/10
Horror, Thriller,
Lucy Holt, Amy Shiels, David Sterne, See full cast and crew,
Edge of Darkness - 2010 Edge of Darkness (2010)
Few escape justice. None escape vengeance.
Rating: 6.6/10
Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller,
Mel Gibson, Ray Winstone, Danny Huston, See full cast and crew,
The House of the Devil - 2009 The House of the Devil (2009)
Talk on the Phone. Finish Your Homework. Watch TV. Die.
Rating: 6.5/10
Horror, Thriller,
Jocelin Donahue, Tom Noonan, Mary Woronov, See full cast and crew,
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