Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 2005
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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 2005
Mike Thinks candy is a waste of time
Plot: A young boy wins a tour through the most magnificent chocolate factory in the world, led by the world's most unusual candy maker.
Story: When Willy Wonka decides to let five children into his chocolate factory, he decides to release five golden tickets in five separate chocolate bars, causing complete mayhem. The tickets start to be found, with the fifth going to a very special boy, called Charlie Bucket. With his Grandpa, Charlie joins the rest of the children to experience the most amazing factory ever. But not everything goes to plan within the factory.
Did you know: Richard Attenborough, Kirk Douglas, Albert Finney, Richard Griffiths, Anthony Hopkins, Armin Mueller-Stahl, Paul Newman, Max Von Sydow , and David Warner were all considered for the role of Grandpa Joe. Liccy Dahl actually wanted Christopher Lloyd for the part.

Release date: 20 July 2005
User Votes: 6.9
Countries: USA, UK,
MPAA Rating: PG
Runtime: 115 minutes
Oscars: None
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